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Liquidate Your Offshore Company is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC and Equation Corporate Services Ltd. Both boutique firms operate at the crossroads of the legal and financial services industry and provide a global clientele with a wide variety of services in the spectrum of asset and fund recovery, tax advice and company formation.


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Traditionally, offshore companies were closed, made dormant or put asleep without further legal, fiscal, and financial consequences for the beneficial owner of the company. These days however, tax authorities scrutinize payments from designated countries and companies in tax havens. The consequence is that, when discovered, local tax authorities can impose penalties on the beneficial owner. These penalties can be calculated over several years. Therefore, the need for diligence is of utmost importance.



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Voluntary closure of an offshore company without liabilities against third parties can cause legal and financial damage and embarrassment to the owner when done careless.


Banks and governments share information with tax authorities. There is a risk the authorities already know about offshore holdings and anticipate on company liquidation.


Information sharing under CRS FATCA procedures triggers taxation. To avoid taxation, penalties and possible legal action, liquidation procedures must be followed precisely.

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