Legal Floris LLC


Legal Floris LLC is a legal and financial advisory firm with a focus on the recovery of losses caused by (offshore) bank failure and investment fiasco such as fraud, embezzlement, financial crime and theft. Bank failure in offshore jurisdictions and more traditional regions can be frustrating and tedious, whilst lengthy procedures often result in disappointment for the creditor. The same applies to victims of investment defaults. Legal Floris LLC groups creditors to enforce the most favorable situation for recovery.

Risk and deception are different things and should be handled accordingly. It is our firm belief that property rights and good faith are interconnected. Therefore, Legal Floris LLC anticipates on a variety of strategies to ensure the best possible position for our clients when peculiar and deliberate losses appear. Our customers are those who need our service most: small business owners, individual investors belonging to the hard working middle class and all others who cannot afford to hire the expensive high ticket firms, or a superficial Jack of all Trades. In short, they need a specialist and not a generalist.

Our objective is to provide unique value to our customers by ultimately delivering on our promise to achieve above market results in asset recovery while we understand and consider the personal circumstances during the process. Asset and fund recovery procedures can often take several years. Therefore we look beyond the recovery and guide our clients through the most efficient and effective ways forward. The result is that in various (offshore) bank failures and (offshore) investment fraud hundreds of creditors found their way to Legal Floris LLC for advice and representation.

Upon successful recovery in (offshore) bank failure and investment fraud, our corporate clients with an offshore company or International Business Corporation (IBC) often wish to transfer the recovered amounts into their personal control. A money transfer from an offshore account to the personal account of the beneficial owner can trigger difficult questions from the local tax authorities. This is something that should be avoided when a solution is relatively easy to execute. Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS present such a solution with this project to liquidate your offshore company.

More information on our work can be found on the main website of Legal Floris LLC. To contact us, please complete the contact form below, or call us in the USA at 646 513 2855 or in Cyprus at 25 057 544.